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Who is John Scott?

As soon ask yourself, Who am I? John Scott — world traveler, entrepreneur, producer, but, above all... mystery — an ordinary man with an extraordinary idea of himself. A real person with a real history, he is also you and me, the face in the window, the voice on the bus.

What is John Scott?

What he is to you is a window to another world, a mystery to perpetuate, a brand to flaunt. Wear the t-shirt, paste the sticker, ponder life; you will amuse your friends, confound your enemies, and inspire the masses to wonder what the hell is going on.

What Are They Saying About John Scott?

I'd seen the bumper stickers around town that asked, "who is John Scott?" I had figured a politician, but no, he's really just a regular guy like you or me — only he's a bit more interesting than you and me together. Out Of My Head
For less than $10 a head, it turns out, you can get your self a pretty impressive list of defense witnesses in a criminal trial.

Would you believe:

Gov. Ariyoshi? Mayor Fasi? Atty. Gen. Amemiya? Police Chief Keala? J. Akuhead Pupule?

That lineup, plus more including me, was subpoenaed this week to testify for John Scott, who sports a briefcase labeled "Who Is John Scott?" He was arrested for selling shirts on the streets of Waikiki in violation of the peddling ordinance. A. A. Smyser, Honolulu Star-Bulletin
You must have seen those orange-and-black bumper stickers plastered on signs and buildings around town, all asking the same question: "Who Is John Scott?" We noticed the stickers a while ago but dismissed them as some kind of PR stunt for a rock group or would-be messiah. Clark DeLeon, Philadelphia Inquirer
I know exactly who you are John! I'm even thinking of getting one of those police sketch artists to do a picture. Then I'll have it enlarged to banner size. Then since everyone all over town has seen your advertisements, I'll stand on Crenshaw and Slauson with a milk crate and a bullhorn telling the world about you and your antics!!!! Stephan Garcia

Who Is John Scott Really?
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